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Im Screaming out. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[28 Oct 2004|09:30pm]
new Journal.bangbangurdeadx
1 Bang BangYour Dead

[28 Oct 2004|09:15pm]

I own.


I love Haley Fuckin Baker.<3
1 Bang BangYour Dead

[07 Oct 2004|09:38pm]
[ mood | sad ]

=( Why can't I just have what I want. That all. Nothing More. Just one thing. Goodness.

I thought i forgot about it.. but i was reading his journal.. and oh my.

You really should like relationships.. or me..

Your Dead

[30 Sep 2004|09:45am]
Hm. What to write. These hurricanes blow. Yea you get to miss school but you have to make the shit up anyhow.. Its whatever .. Home comming is soon. My parents are in California till Wednesday <33 Whoot. Partay. Uhm. Live Journals are for faggots.. DUH. Wow my brother is A cock and a half. Holy shit what a fuckin cunt Bag. Oh Em Gee. Number 2 is comming over so I can kick his ass. Yep. The end. <33

I went to best buy last night with .Adam. And bought the As I lay Dying CD and Hawthorne heights<3 that was the highlight of my day..

Oh and P.s.. I just gauged my ears to a six.. And Next is 4 then 2 then 0 then 00 then whatever the fuck the rest is . . hah

Anyhow. Much Loves.
10 Bang BangYour Dead

[21 Sep 2004|08:51pm]
..So when all Is said And done.. who are the ones that really matter?? Who's that one person that you always end up looking to for comfort??

Your Dead

[13 Sep 2004|06:06pm]
nothing exciting.. anymore.. Never use this .. anyhow.. oh well.. HEY EVERYONE.<3
1 Bang BangYour Dead

[03 Sep 2004|05:47pm]
Okay so we're all going to die from this gay ass hurricane and everyone evacuated except me . And i haven't seen Michael in forever and i miss him a lott!!!!! =( ughers.. nothing exciting ever happens inn my life aymore . thats why I never write in this shit anymore.. Yea.. uhm .. word. I'm on the phone with michael <33 yea.. uhhhhhh I dono awesome. My mom is a flamer

And next weekend.. im hanging out with Michael no matter what .. Hes my poohbear
Your Dead

[31 Aug 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So i told my mom im evacuating to Port St. John for the hurricane and she said its goin to be worse there.. and i said . Okay then everyone is evacuating to myhouse. Even tho this hurricane is a pussy ass shit . And i ain't scared. Just kinda sad cuz my mama says that if its real bad weather i can't go to Michaels.=(. Meh. To bad im goin anyhow. I hope the hurricane doesn't hit Michael.. michael . Evacuate to my house to be safe. I hurricane tested my bed =) It's safe. But only if im in it with u. =)

HAHAH wow my mom just said .. We can cook potatoes.. after the hurricane..::5 min later:: If we survive it.. LMAO HAH what a tweaker.

<3 I heart you <3

2 Bang BangYour Dead

[29 Aug 2004|05:48pm]
Anyone know how to make a picture an icon?

IF so it would be nice if some1 would help me =)
1 Bang BangYour Dead

[29 Aug 2004|03:56pm]
Your Dead

[28 Aug 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I miss You <3

This is real gay.

Michael I want you =)

<333 Lindzy

3 Bang BangYour Dead

[28 Aug 2004|02:53pm]

pictures .like whoa.Collapse )

5 Bang BangYour Dead

[28 Aug 2004|10:33am]
Okay LAst night this kid kept calling me I swear he called about.. 30 times. I wouoldn't pick up. And when i did pick up i was like wht the hell do u want ? And hes like ever since the night i met u I have bee thinkin about u . And im like I don't even know u . And im like all i did was say Hey. and hes like I kno but i can't get u off my mind. (freaky) Well anywayz. Then i was like yea well I like some1 (michael) And hes like what am i that ugly an im like no I really do his name is michael. And hes like ur missing out i would treat u well. An im like ok. And hes like i would treat u way better then this michael kid. And im like sucks. An then hes like wtf is ur deal. and im like uhmmm. then i hung up. holy shit. so annoying snd creepy. And I also answered and im like what u keep caling and im asleep so i ignor it what do u want . and hes like come sleep in my navigaor we can watch porn and have sex it will be fun . and im like no it won't and hes like Yea it will. And im like Nope. Sorry. then i hung up agin.

ha. Weirdos. He does have a pimped out Navigator tho. Lol.
2 Bang BangYour Dead

[27 Aug 2004|10:47pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Battle was oka, I sopose. But i got to see Michael. So im happy =) yay. Ugh. Justin has to work tomorrow so he can' bring michael down =( uhm Gay , Stupid Papa Johns. damn Pizza. haha..well i just got like 3 or 4 pictures from the show. But i doo if i am gonnaput them up. You kno ? Ya So for the pay program i need to do 24 hours community service at the daily bread I have to write an apology letter to the people thats house it was. I have to do like 5 workbook pages and i have to go to a 3 hour class.. And Jessica only has to do 16 hours of Community Service. Can u say . Asshole? Yea Deffinitly. Wtf is the deal man? Ugh idiots. I miss Michael already .=( sigh..

</3 Lindzy

4 Bang BangYour Dead

[26 Aug 2004|06:12pm]
people piss me off. Man Oh Man. Do they .

<3 I can't wait . I get to see u tomorrow =)
4 Bang BangYour Dead

[25 Aug 2004|04:28pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

More pictures of stuff Collapse )

2 Bang BangYour Dead

[25 Aug 2004|12:09pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Pictures =)Collapse )

7 Bang BangYour Dead

[24 Aug 2004|05:00pm]
moms gay . won't give me my money .. little bitch.


Don't u hate when u want to go to sleep and u lift ur head up and ur teacher is above ur desk staring down at u? Or when u don't feel like paying attention and hey keep asking u to answer questions? Or how about when ur trying to do ur 2nd period homework in 1st period and u have to play like musical chairs? Ya . Schools gay. Im over it. But today went by pretty fast. I sopose.

<33 I <3 You Lovely.

<3 Lindzy
3 Bang BangYour Dead

[23 Aug 2004|04:59pm]
Wow . Court Friday. Awesome. Not.

Yea there goin to tell me what i have to do in the program and shit. .. Cool . not.

I get home and my parents scream at me . for shit

uhmmmm .. Michael is comming over this weekend. Yay . =)
My dad has friends in port St Johns. So i told him to take me there and then hes like why and im like cuz this kid lives there . And then he started asking about him . and all this stuff and im like hes hot . and hes like oh is he gay? and im like uhm no why ? and hes like is he bi? and im like no? and hes like oh well i thougt since he was hot . we could get together.. and im like uhmm. LOL. anywayz . I dono .

2 Bang BangYour Dead

[22 Aug 2004|10:14pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Went to the Show At jaycees. wow. Scattered Ashes Rocks. and i love Lita Gray. I missed My Hotel year cuz my brother is a prick . But hey its whatever life goes on. Michael Found a ride to my house <33 . yay I can't wait. At the show I hung out with Corey and Jazz and Mike . then Zack and Derek and another kid showed up so i hung out with them . Pretty niftyy.

Well Thats all.

<33 Lindzy

2 Bang BangYour Dead

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